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Healthy Living, Mental Health, Personal Wellness
Flexible and Financially Savvy: Boosting Your Yoga Practice on a Budget
Yoga is one of those sports you just fall in love with. Equal parts physical activity and meditative practice, it’s the perfect exercise for those looking to strengthen their bodies,...
Healthy Living, Technology
Technology to Reduce Back Pain and Help You Sleep
When you have back pain, falling and staying asleep can seem impossible. Lack of sleep can cause a number of complications in your life, and can negatively affect your mental...
Healthcare Industry
What is People Driven Healthcare?
People Driven Healthcare (PDH) is a fundamental belief that people should be in control of their own healthcare. In this case, “people” refers to patients and providers. In today’s world, healthcare...
Healthcare Industry
Why is Healthcare So Expensive?
It’s no secret. The cost of healthcare is rising year after year – at an alarming rate. According to a recent Peterson-Kaiser analysis, the percentage of individual household budgets being...
Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Pricing – No Longer “Clear as Mud”
Did you know the actual costs prior to your recent hospital visit or surgical procedure? If you answered “No,” you’re not alone. Healthcare pricing is a gray (very dark gray)...
Healthcare Industry
Why easy access to patient record increases patient care and patient satisfaction
Why easy access to patient records increases patient care and patient satisfaction There is an ever increasing need for healthcare information in the community. This is why 52% of the...
Personal Wellness
Why You Need A Gratitude Routine
Gratitude is one of the simplest and most effective ways to practice mindfulness. And with that being said, it’s also one of the easiest things to forget about or procrastinate...
25 Ways to Improve Patient Retention
Patients are what make a practice successful- and you want to ensure that those patients keep coming back and that your patient retention stays high. Here are 25 surefire ways...
Medical Imaging
A Beginners Guide to Understanding CT Scans
You have probably heard of a CT scan, CAT scan, MRI, and X-Ray, but you may have no clue what the difference between the four are. All these different types...

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